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Some call it a “hunch,” others an “inkling,” kids often call it a “funny feeling”, but we refer to it as the gut instinct. And it’s one of the most powerful self defence tools you can ever have in your personal safety arsenal!


Your gut instinct is the physical reaction you have to the world around and inside of you. When you experience an overwhelming “gut feeling,” your body is carrying out a primal response to subconscious information. The ultimate purpose of your gut instinct is to protect you. As your gut instinct is the most ancient and primal “sixth sense” you have, it is the one you can rely upon the most.

One example of your gut instinct in action would be deciding to spontaneously avoid walking down a road at night because something “feels off.” That feeling is your gut instinct warning you that danger is afoot. You may then glimpse an intimidating gang of men down the street as you hurry by – your gut instinct has just saved you from potentially being robbed, beaten up, raped, or worse.


Put simply, your body is like the television screen on which your subconscious (the radio waves) transmits its information. When you can learn to read your body, you can learn to accurately tune in to your gut instinct.

We human beings like to believe ourselves to be separate from animals. Yes, we might be more sophisticated. But at our core, we are still animals – human animals. Our primal impulses and evolutionary origins don’t just disappear because we sit and read the newspaper each morning or wipe our rears with lavender-scented toilet paper 😉

By listening to our ‘gut instinct’ we can avoid danger and save ourselves from a lot of suffering.


Pay attention to these signs:

👉🏼A sudden feeling of dread or fear (that is out of context)

👉🏼A strong urge to do something (feels like an inner nudge or pull)

👉🏼Full-body chills, goosebumps or “tingles” up the spine

👉🏼Nausea or physical uneasiness

👉🏼Sudden hypervigilance (or being on “high alert”)

👉🏼A clear and firm voice within you instructing you to do/not do something

You might experience all of these signs at once or only one or two of them.


Obviously, you must be the judge of the people, places and circumstances you find yourself in. But there are some situations in life where your gut instincts shine the most. While it’s easy to brush off most nagging sensations, please never ignore the following ones:

1. “I’m in danger”

Remember that your gut instincts reflect what your subconscious mind already knows. Although you may not be able to pinpoint what exactly the danger is, please listen to this inner warning. It could be the difference between life and death.

2. “They’re in danger”

Yes, you might sound like a lunatic. Yes, you might feel embarrassed or perplexed. But if you genuinely feel that someone is in danger, tell them. You have nothing to lose. You might just prevent the person from making a big mistake or endangering themselves.

3. “This isn’t the right choice”

If you get a strong and clear feeling that what you’re doing isn’t right, pay attention. Even if there is no moral or logical reason why you should be feeling that way, take heed.

4. “I need help”

Your gut instinct doesn’t only warn you of danger, it also helps to preserve your emotional wellbeing. If you receive a strong sensation that you need help (whether physically, emotionally, mentally or otherwise), seek it out. Don’t linger.

5. “I need to help them”

At some point in our lives, the overwhelming desire to help someone will arise. There may not be any rational reason why. The other person may appear to be perfectly fine on the surface. But don’t let appearances deceive you. Have a conversation with the person. Ask them how they are. This might make you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, but you will at the very least make the person feel special, and at the most potentially save their lives.

And so, we beg you, please TRUST YOUR GUT!!!! Please also teach your children, family, friends and colleagues to do the same!

Can you think of any situations where you were helped (or even saved) by your gut instinct? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below! 👇🏼

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