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Ladies - if you’re going out and think having your phone provides a level of safety, you’re wrong. Most women think that having their smartphone with them means they can call for help if needed. But did you know the average response time for police in Queensland is 11 minutes? 👮

This means that, even if you do see an attack coming and have time to pull out your phone to make a 000 emergency call, you have at least 11 minutes alone with your attacker before help arrives 😨

We have practiced with hundreds of women in our courses, and even when we DOUBLE the distance they think they need and WARN them we are about to attack, not a single woman has had enough time to take a phone out of her bag, dial for help and speak to the operator before we can get our hands on her 📱

Smartphones are smart, but they aren’t smart enough. They can’t predict an attack, and apart from being an implement you can hit with, your phone will do little to help you if a predator chooses you as his victim. Real world situations happen unexpectedly and they happen fast!

So if you are thinking of walking home from the pub this weekend, or are tempted to take that empty laneway as a shortcut home, or decide to leave work late and alone, DON’T. Strength really is in numbers when it comes to assaults and attacks, and nothing is worth the risk of you not getting home safely.

Don’t rely on your smartphone to protect you, but instead empower yourself with essential self defence knowledge and skills that are effective immediately, not in 11 minutes 👊🏼

The same myth and message applies to parents… giving your child a phone when they are away from you will only help them if they get enough warning and time to use it! Sadly, very few criminals ever provide this opportunity and most of the time a phones will be completely useless to a child in an abduction situation.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and aged 13+, book into our Ladies-Only Self Defence course coming up next month. It includes a broad range of awareness and self defence essentials, including:

💪🏼 Situational and street awareness

💪🏼 Prime locations for crime

💪🏼 Stress responses

💪🏼 Responding to weapon use

💪🏼 Using improvised weapons

💪🏼 Abduction, assault & rape prevention

💪🏼 Physical and verbal self defence techniques

💪🏼 How women can defend against stronger men

💪🏼 Self worth, respect & empowerment

💪🏼 And more!

We also offer child self defence and safety courses for 5-12 year olds.

Book into our LADIES ONLY COURSE at:


Book your child into our KIDS COURSE at:

Or visit our website for more info.

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