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Ladies - this one is for you! We hate to say it, but the reality is you can never be fully prepared for an attack. But you don’t need to be if you know how to improvise with things you have on hand to turn everyday items into weapons 🔑📱👛

It might just be enough to buy you some time to run away!

Here are 3 items most women have in their handbag that can help you if you’re ever in a self defence situation. Because there is always SOMETHING you can do, and putting up some sort of a fight is always the best chance you have!


Ever had some sanitiser in your eyes? It hurts like heck! Squirt some in your attackers eyes and use the opportunity to run away.


Grab your keys to better arm yourself against an attacker during a self defence situation. Those wickedly jagged keys poking out from your hand do look menacing, and your blows will hurt a lot more with sharp metal implements in the mix.

When holding keys, note they should never be poking out between your fingers as this can cause serious injury to your hand and hurt you more than your attacker! Instead, they should protrude from either side of your fist.


You might not have time to call for help, but your phone can still be a handy weapon. Use it to hit, smash, bang and crack against your attacker anywhere and everywhere you can. It will hurt them, and save your own hand in the process.

Please like and share to help spread this to all the women in your life. It’s all about staying safe and making it home to those you love, because at the end of the day, that’s always where you belong 😊

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