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Here is the simple truth: it is extremely unlikely a child could physically fight off an adult, even with years of martial arts training. That’s why self defence means a LOT more than just physical skills.

Why don’t kids stand a chance in a physical fight? Well let’s face it; a child is a soft and easy target. Most primary school children would be hard pressed to fight off an adult attacker, especially an angry or determined abuser or abductor 👧🏻🧒🏼👧🏽🧒🏻

This does not mean that a good hard front kick to the shin or a poke to the eyes from a child isn’t going to be effective, but it is not nearly as effective as it is often conveyed. What is effective is having a level of preparedness and understanding, as a supplement to physical skills 💪🏼

Kids in our courses learn a wide range of skills for prevention and avoidance first and foremost. Our program takes into account the reality that kids will be confused by adult confrontation, the fact children are very gullible, and the reality that predators are skilful manipulators. We reinforce what is acceptable behaviour from adults, safe distance and touch from adults, and we help kids learn effective ways to avoid abduction or abuse 👍🏼

Then, if they are faced with a fight they can not avoid, we do not give lids false hope in fancy wrist bend techniques and manipulations that have a less than stellar chance of success against a grown-up with intent on doing your child harm. Kids CAN successfully defend themselves against adults, but they must be given the proper explanation of which techniques to use on adults and which won’t work. The biggest message they need to hear is the effectiveness of evasion 🙌🏼

We also teach children it is okay to scream for help, who to run to and what to say. If forced to fight, children should not stop at one hit when committing to self defence. We teach them to make multiple strikes, quick and with full intent before escaping the situation. We teach children to strike a weak point like the eyes or throat, then run, run, run and scream. We drill these strikes until they know how to strike the main targets from all angles, from several grabs and holds 👊🏼

This can be confronting for some parents, but if you really want your child to know how to protect themselves in a real-life encounter, they need to learn more than just punches and kicks ✊🏼

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Because one child is too many 🤟🏼

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